Friday, November 30, 2007

wErE finaLLy oVer,

gOsh, i cAnnOt mOve on,,
eVerytHing bEtween Us OccUred sUdENLy, anD eVerything cAme oUt to a DAmn enD...
i LovEd hiM so mUch, anD i cAnnOt acCept the fAct thAt he Left mE..
iT ReaLLy hUrts,,

i nEeD yOu...
pLs cOme bAck to me...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My college Life..

My college Life was hard but happy. Hard because of the sleepless reviews, case studies, project proposals, and more. But Im happy because of my friends that is always there. We were always thinkong positeive that we can finish our hope less projects! College Life wasn't easy but all i can say: we must enjoy this hard stage of life because we'll going to miss it in the end! BeLieve me Guys! I'll prove you ryt in the end!

My computer proffesor....

The first time i saw Mrs.pinon, i thought she was strict in class and was very serious in teaching. The first time i saw her teaching in front of class, i see that she is professional and she used to give hard exams and projects. I proved my self that my impressions on Mrs.pinon were half true and not. Yes she give us hard exams and project, but what is not obvius with her is that she is actually a joker in class. The most thiong that I'll never forget about Mrs.Pinon is when she eat in class whwn she is finish in our Lesson our during our vacant. Her favorite is Turon and Hamburger. We always say "Man pahingi naman kami", "Wow ang sarap na turon".. She's just smiling. Mrs.pinon is not just a succesful engineer but she is a good baker.

my computer experiences :)

I really hated the computer subject when i was in high school. I used to get grades like 77,78,79 in my high school report card for the comp. subject.
I also hated computerized projects, for the fact that we don't have our own computer at home.
I never shown interst in the computer subject as well as i never showed interst on using computer perhaps.
It was also when i was in highschool when i have the reason for renting a computer. became a hit and when i tried it i liked it.
It was everyday that i always rent a computer, and actually in our comp. hands-on time i secretly visit when our teacher is not looking.
I can say that friendster influenced me to gain interest on using computers. Friendster is not just an ordinary network, but its an ordinary one because it helped me trace my old friends since elementary
and early high school.
Now in my college life, all projects must be computerized. I'm so thankful that computers exist in our lives, they were very useful in my studies!

ThE cOmpuTer sUbject!!!

The computer subject is really important nowadays. We are in the world were in technology must be in our every gadgets. The computer subject not only discusses topics about computer, but also all the related things about it. On my other posts i'll be sharing the readers my experiences and how mRs.Pinon our comp. proffesor handled us.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

bad tRip ! ! !

kainis talaga!!!! todo hapit pa kame ng practice kanina wala namn palang P.E. !!!! huhuhuhuh,,,, anG sakit sa katawan pag nasobrahan ka sa kakasayaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kelangang mag sikap!!!!

ang hirap talaga maging estudyante!!!!! pero worth it nman un pag naka graduate n tau noh!,, well kailangan nateng tiisin lahat ng hirap na dinadanas naten ngaun if we are really eager to reach for our dreams.....basta ngaun ang mapapayo ko lang sa fellow student ko,, gO for it!!!! midterms na ngayon so doble kayod tau.. aja!!!!! regards sa lahat ng bsba 1-2ma,,,, at lahat ng PLMarians!!!!!!!